The Torexo team of traders started trading operations in 2015 using their own funds as trading assets. From 2016 onward, they began to generate reports on trade and increase their trading capital using funds invested by their friends and relatives.

The traders’ professionalism and expert approach to team management started yielding remarkable results to investors who subsequently increased their investment portfolios and also recommended the related trust management services to their friends and acquaintances. Over 5 years of operation, the company has increased its customer trust management portfolio to $ 30,000,000 while the number of customers has exceeded 2,000.

We strive to make the world of investments understandable and transparent which underlay the decision to publish reports in the public domain for everyone who wishes to access them.


The main profit-generation tools used by the company are shown below. The amount of funds invested in a particular instrument may vary depending on market factors and the company's risk management policies.
Stock trading and IPOs
Stock trading and IPOs
The company is involved in trading shares in the largest, most liquid and reliable companies featuring stable profitability performances and investments in shares during IPO processes. This trading domain is the most optimal in terms of risk/reward ratio.
Forex market
Рынок Forex
A financial instrument intended for trading in the foreign exchange market building upon the price ratio of two currencies. Two currencies, base and quoted, create an exchange rate. It is one of the most reliable and predictable trading instruments generating low but guaranteed profitability.
Trading in cryptocurrencies
Торговля криптовалютой
Cryptocurrency is an encrypted unregulated digital asset that is used as an analogue of currency in FX transactions. Trading in cryptocurrencies enables generating maximum profit due to their excessively high volatility.

Monthly video reports

Monthly .PDF reports

PDF reports

Public reports in PDF format on the activities of the company's traders for the period 2016–2020 are also available

Legal model

Torexo Insurance agreement
Investment agreement
Torexo Finance
Strict adherence to risk management parameters
Maximum diversification using numerous instruments

Interaction with tax authorities

Every country has tax rules and laws establishing different reporting and taxation requirements. There are, however, general parameters that are binding on everyone.

In our company, the operating mechanism is comprehensively customized for the benefit of our customers; it is very convenient and efficient to ensure that customers lose minimum cash on fees and transactions. We will not charge you any extra taxes, duties or transaction fees.

Generated profits must be reported within the time limits required by the laws of your country or such information must be submitted to fiscal or tax authorities which involves the payment of taxes and possibly other charges required by the laws of your country (please clarify the statutory reporting and payment periods by yourself).

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