Personal Torexo Finance consulting office

The Torexo Finance consulting office is a multifunctional platform created for business communication between the company’s partners, conducting presentations, personal and team business meetings.

How to open a Torexo Finance consulting office?

  • The amount of personal active investments must be at least 1 500* TD;
  • The number of active partners in the first line with the amount of active investments more than 10,000* TD must be at least 10;
  • The vlume of active investments from 2 to 5 lines inclusive must be more than 30 000* TD;

Monthly plan for the office manager:

  • The minimum amount of attracted investments in the 1st line must be more than 3 000* TD per month;
  • The minumum amount of attracted investments from 2 to 5 lines inclusive must be more than 7 000* TD per month;
*The company reserves the right to change the amounts unilaterally

What are the requirements for premises intended for Torexo Finance consulting offices?

  • Area not less than 30 m²;
  • Convenient location;
  • Fast Wi-Fi;
  • Fresh redecoration.

Requirements for an open consulting office of Torexo Finance:

  • The format is a closed club for improving financial literacy and teaching trading and investing;
  • Modern comfortable furniture (tables, chairs) and high-quality office equipment (whiteboard, flipchart or TV, monitor).
It is prohibited!

To place a clear visual symbolic of Torexo FInance in the consulting office, for example banners, streamers, roll-ups and so on.

Remunerations of the head of the Torexo Finance personal consulting office

The amount of bonuses from investments attracted from the 1st to the 12th lines of the partner structure:
Lines of partner structure Percentage of remuneration from the attracted investment, %
1 0.1
2 0.2
3 0.3
4 0.4
5 0.5
6 0.6
7 0.7
8 0.8
9 0.9
10 1
11 1.1
12 1.2
Payment for the monthly rental of the premises of the Torexo Finance consulting office, provided that the minimum requirements of the company are consistently met.
The starting bonus for opening a Torexo Finance consulting office is from 1 500 to 2 000 TD, depending on the region.
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