Registration on the Torexo Finance platform is available via an affiliate link only. If you do not have a personal invitation, then you can request a link from other partners of the platform who daily share their successful performance on social networks under the hashtag #TorexoLife.
To change your account email, please write to support@torexo.com from your current email address linked to your account registered on the Torexo Finance platform. For security reasons, once a user has changed their registration email, any withdrawal of funds will be blocked for 7 days.
To recover the email address you specified during registration, please write to the support service via website or email a request to support@torexo.com.
Check the email address and password you have entered and clear your browser cookies and cache. Try logging-in again.
The investment platform Torexo Finance may block a user account for the following reasons under the circumstances stated below:
  1. Using illegally received income.
  2. Using more than one account.
  3. Using funds fraudulently debited from the accounts of other users.
  4. Using funds credited as a result of mistaken transactions.
  5. Intentional distortion or public dissemination of false information about employees, users or activities of Torexo Finance jeopardizing the company's reputation.
  6. Disclosure of information relating to the Torexo Finance platform to third parties unless officially requested.
  7. Hacking or attempting to hack the Torexo Finance platform’s site or accounts for profit.

If an account is blocked for one or more reasons, a notice to the effect will be emailed to the email address of the Torexo Finance user explaining the reasons for the blocking and containing further instructions.
To ensure your safety, once a new blockchain wallet address has been added, withdrawals will be blocked for 3 days.
Funds are deposited on the Torexo Finance platform in BTC, LTC, USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20) and ETH.
Local transactions in the Torexo Finance platform, activations, licenses and settlements with users are made in DT. DT is a local accounting unit.
When a withdrawal request is made, the Torexo Finance platform will convert DT into BTC, LTC and USDT (TRC20), and send the cryptocurrency to the user's blockchain wallet address.
To withdraw funds, a valid address of your blockchain wallet must be specified in the Torexo Finance platform. You can specify the address in the “Wallet” section of your account page.
A personal wallet must be created at https://www.blockchain.com.
The following p2p platforms are most frequently used for buying or selling BTC, LTC, USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20) or ETH: (https://www.localbitcoin.com, https://localcoinswap.com, https://hodlhodl.com, https://bisq.network).
Withdrawals are made on Fridays, minimum withdrawal amount is 20 TD. Withdrawal fee is 5%. You can withdraw funds to BTC, LTC, USDT wallets (TRC20 protocol). Withdrawing funds may take up to 72 hours, however, this may take longer during peak loads.
To become a member of an affiliate program of the Torexo Finance platform, you need to make an investment and invite at least one new user who will invest at least $100 in your left or right binary branches.
For more information about the company's affiliate programs, please refer to the appropriate section of the site.
The name of your account manager is available on the main page of your personal account in the Dashboard block
Referral program is a system of bonuses that are awarded to an affiliate for a personal invitation of new affiliates to Torexo Finance and for new partners invited by them.
The binary reward is calculated on a daily basis and depends on the size of the binary pair. The amount of the binary bonus depends on the grade of the user. The higher the grade, the greater % of the binary bonus is.
The structure of the program is 5 levels deep. The larger the partner's investment package, the more levels are available under the referral program.
The monthly limit of the binary bonus is $400,000. It is updated on the first day after the end of each reference month at 00:00 (UTC).
Important: activating a binary pair (over the monthly binary bonus limit) will result in the binary points being written off.
Binary index is a variable used to calculate and credit income to status investors for the reporting month. The binary index is linked to the size of the user's own investment, the scope of investments of their personally invited partners and the size of the weak leg of the binary structure.
The Performance index is a variable used to calculate and credit income to status investors. The Performance Index is linked to the scope of own investments made by personally invited partners in the reporting month.
The documents of the Torexo Finance platform are available on the website’s «Guarantees» page in the section “Documents”.
The Torexo Finance investment platform benefits from direct access to the Bitfinex and Binance exchanges that provide high liquidity and security in servicing the company's resources.
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