About us

Our company’s name is Torexo, which means «bull» in Galician and that’s exactly what you see on our logo - it signifies financial confidence and methodical pass to success.

Leonardo Santoro
My name is Leonardo Santoro and I am the founder of Torexo Finance.
I’m 35 years old, I was born in the north of Italy in the city of Turin, graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino).
At school and as a student, I was fond of free-style wrestling and learned foreign languages, I’m fluent in Italian, Spanish and English. I worked in the banking sector and I understand the specifics of finance quite well. I developed an interest in trading when I was 20 years old, I’ve been doing it as a hobby for 5 years, and for 10 years I have been working as a professional trader, of which I have been managing a team of traders for 6 years. Winning on exchange and applying incredible strategies to gain profit - this is my passion. Now the most important and crucial stage of our lives has come for me and my team, we’ve been going to it for many years and have trained a lot. Behold - Torexo Finance, global opportunities for every investor.
When creating the company's website, and especially the investor's personal account, we proceeded from the principle of simplicity and maximum convenience, so that each user can easily track all his invested and earned funds, and carry out detailed monitoring of his activity.


The history of the Torexo company began in 2016 when Leonardo Santoro created a team of traders and trust management pool from several dozen clients. Trader’s professionalism and the expert approach to team management started to make a significant progress for investors who subsequently increased their investment portfolios and also recommended trust management services to their friends and acquaintances. Over these 5 years the company increased client’s trust management capacity up to 30 000 000$ and the number of clients has exceeded 2 000 people.

All this time the company operated in a private format without using third-party advertising services or maintaining public websites. New customers learned about Torexo from those who have already invested in the company. In early 2021, the company decided to scale up its operations, create a corporate website and personal investor accounts and implement a linear program. The multilevel marketing (MLM) model was used as a basis for this. Several investment solutions were developed focusing on different target audiences to develop the company and scale up its operations. The company's website was into numerous languages to attract investors from all over the globe.

$30 mln
Amount in trust management
Company incorporation date
2 000+
Customers invest via our fund

How does the company earn money?

Traders of Torexo Finance company are highly qualified specialists who have teamwork experience starting in 2015. You can familiarize yourself with the public record of Torexo Finance trading team over 2016-2020.

In addition company’s traders provide an open monthly reporting in the format of PDF and video which indicate the amount of funds received from investors, use of funds in trade instruments, names of those instruments and the amount of profit received.

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Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Binary Invest
Accrual of 0.4 to 2.2% per day without the possibility of withdrawing the principal amount of the deposit; the deposit maturity is 220 calendar days
The program is running
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo mobile app
Mobile app
The program is running
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Line Invest
Accrual of 0.5 to 2% per day without the possibility of withdrawing the principal amount of the deposit
The program is running
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Consult Center
Launch of the office program
The program is running
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Cloud Mining
Cloud cryptocurrency mining
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Wallet
Multicurrency wallet
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Tech
Household appliances investment program
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Coin, ICO
Our own cryptocurrency Torexo Coin (TXO) and Token Sale procedure for the partners of company.
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Crypto Exchange
Launch of cryptocurrency exchange
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Crypto Trading Bot
Cryptocurrency robot
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Mining Coin
Collective mining with a possibility of TXO staking and therefore receiving investment income up to 2% per day
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Auto
Investment car purchase program
Torexo Binary Invest
Token Torexo
Token that grows daily
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Home
Investment real estate purchase program
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Matrix Invest
Legendary matrix marketing is back in business
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Return Invest
Investment product with the deposit withdrawal at the end of the term
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo DeFi Token
Launch of our own decentralized token
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Cashback
Compensation of all expenses for any purchases
Torexo Binary Invest
Torexo Loan Society
Volunteer fund for mutual aid
Become a head of the consulting center
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